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Courses of Russian

Courses type and prices – WINTER/SRING 2018


We offer:

• Individual lessons for all levels of language proficiency with experienced teachers, authors of our teaching textbooks;
• Group lessons (mini-groups and groups for 4 or 6 people);
• Preparation courses: The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL);
• Russian language teaching methods course;
• Linguistic internships for students;
• Educational internships for students (direction: Russian language and literature, hotel industry, practice in museums).

Zlatoust textbook, practical lesson with the teacher in one of the museums are included in the final price.

You can choose the form of accomodation : in our hotel Zlatoust, in the host family, in the hostel or by yourself.

 Full information about the places to stay and prices you can find here.

We also provide the visa invitation (from 1 week to 3 months staying).

You can also book a tranfer (and meeting at the  airport) from airport to the place of your staying. The price is 30 euro.

 *Early  birds: For all who register before the 1st of March for our courses we offer  10%discount  for the course and two additional excursions

      Standart courses



   Individual lessons

Price for 1ac.h (45 minutes) 

           Student chooses the most appropriate timetime


One to one,  light - 15 ac.h per week

 270 euro

One to one , standart, 20 ac h per week

 360 euro

One to one , intensive, 30 ac.h per week

  540 euro

One to one , intensive +, 40 ac. h per week

  720 euro

Group lessons

               Depending on the startings dates of the course . Please, check  the schedule

Group course, 15 ac.h per week, mini group (2-3 persons) 

 160 euro

Group course, 20 ac.h. per week , mini group (2-3 persons) 

  200 euro

Group course,  15 ac.h per week ( 4- 6 persons)

  120 euro

Group course , 20 ac.h  per week ( 4- 6 persons)

  160 euro

 You can register for the course here 


Special programs for teachers of Russian in 2018

 We offer two  special programs for teachers of Russian this year:

1."New approachers in teaching Russian "is a combination of methodological lectures, master-classes  and excursions to the historical and literature museums in Saint-Petersburg. 16 - 22 July (36 ac.h). The main goal of the course is to find (together with the famous authors of Zlatoust Publishing House) a new ways and methods in teaching Russian language and motivate students to learn it. In the program: Russian modern cinema for Russian lessons, Russian modern prose on the lectures of Russian, how to find an interesting material for the lesson, how to work with new text-books. Accomodation : Zlatoust Hotel in a double room, the price of the program - 550 euro. Registration is opened from 1/02/18. Please, send your application to  

2. Excursion program  with lecture on history and culture of Russia , the main aim of the program is to present the culture and history of Saint-Petersburg in the form that would be useful for teachers on their lectures and courses.  Date: 23- 29 July. The price of program: 500 euro. Registration is opened from 1/02/18. Please, send your application to         


We suggest you to watch a film about last year 2017 at school Zlatoust!



Mixed lessons

Group lessons + individual lessons

Group lessons (15 ac.h.) + individual lessons (10 ac.h.)

340 euro

Group lessons  (20 ac.h.) + individual lessons (10 ac.h.)

380 euro

TORFL Preparation course

From 20 ac.h. to 180 ac.h. per week. Material for the preparation is included in the price

Individual lessons, TORFL preparation, 20 ac.h.

440 euro

 You can register for the course here 

Special courses


  1.  Russian in Business (A2,B1, B2) 20 ac.h – 400 euro
    (course could be from 20 ac.h to 80 ac. h
  2. Russian Literature (reading and analyzing Russian literature of 19-21 centuries) B1+, B2, C1 From 20 ac.h – 380 ac. h
    (course could be from 20 ac.h to 80 ac. h)
  3. Russian cinema (course that helps to get the tendencies in Russian cinema as well to learn more about Russia , its life today and modern language) . We will see the most prominent films of Post Soviet period and nowadays. B2, C1 30 ac.h
  4. Russian culture and history : practical course
    During the course we will discuss and read articles and text of Russian historians and discuss the crucial points in our history. After the lessons we will go to the museums and continue our studies. B2, C1 20 ac.h – 400 euro
    (course could be from 20 ac.h to 80 ac. h)
  5. Russian Grammar in Use. Intensive course.
    During the course you can revise your grammar. All levels 20 ac.h. – 360 euro
    (course could be from 20 ac.h to 80 ac.h)
  6. Russian volanteering and  internership. The course for the persons who want to have more practice of Russian and is want to work in Russian institutions or companies. We offer the practice in the editorial department, in the museums, in the hotel, in the charity foundations with children and animals. Level : B1 - C1. Usually that program are taken by students who is coming for more than one month and take a course of Russian about 20 - 40 ac.h   

 You can register for the course here


Courses for the teachers of Russian 

For the teachers of Russian we offer the course that ancourages your to teach Russian and motivate your students). The course consistes of theoretical and practical lessons with the final defence of the self project. You can book the course any time of the year.