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we have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for years
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Teaching Russian for over 30 years


Our teachers have a combined experience of over 220 years

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We are the world's largest publisher of literature for learning Russian as a foreign language


Our students participate in online conversation clubs, workshops, and receive gifts for free

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Our team
Irina Grekhneva

Russian teaching experience: 39 years

Anna Lubivaya

Russian teaching experience: 19 years

Alina Aleshina

Russian teaching experience: 15 years

Tatiana Bekezina

Russian teaching experience: 11 years

Janna Balian

Russian teaching experience: 20 years

Tatiana Kapustina

Russian teaching experience: 13 years

Frequently asked Questions

No. Our invitation does not allow you to get a long-term student visa as we are not a public educational institution. With our invitation, you can get a tourist or humanitarian visa for a period of 1-3 months, depending on the visa policy of Russia for your country of residence.

    In a hotel near the school (we can recommend several hotels with which we cooperate).
  • In St. Petersburg, you can also stay with a Russian family. The cost of living is 35 euro / night with breakfast.

Yes, it is absolutely safe in Moscow and St. Petersburg. People are quite friendly to foreigners. There are many foreigners in these cities who study at universities or work.

Cards issued in other countries do not work in Russia. Make sure to take enough cash with you.

Yes, upon request, we will be happy to organize a cultural program for you.

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